Our Story

This blog is dedicated to my children. We are victims of Parental Alienation. With this blog we hope to spread awareness of injust family courts, Parental Alienation, and Parental Abduction, as well as reach out to the son I havent seen or spoken to since he was a baby, 11 yrs ago.
go to yourstorytold.wordpress.com to read my daughter’s story and version of events, how she was abducted and because of a corrupt family court system she suffered needlessly.

This is my story….

My almost three-month-old daughter was kidnapped by her 16-year-old father’s family in an elaborately planned scheme. The police refused to act without a court order even though the father of the baby was 16-years-old (a minor child) and his name was not on her birth certificate. Her surname was the same as my surname. I did not see my daughter again for almost one month until the court date in which my attorney did not show up for court. The judge sent a bailiff out to her home to find her. He found her shopping in a local grocery store. When she arrived she had not studied my case and presented no evidence. The judge allowed this fiasco parade of minors (father’s friends, cousin, and girlfriend) and a string of people with a history of drug use and convicted felons to offer affidavits against me. A 16-year-old boy was awarded custody of my infant daughter even though his father was a convicted felon.
We were never offered any mediation. I was awarded visitation every other weekend but each time I tried to exercise my visitation rights I suffered constant harassment and death threats by the father. He came to my work and my home. He broke in my home and my car to frighten me. He scared me so terribly that I was forced to move out-of-state to remain safe. I hired another attorney and intended to fight for custody but when I flew back for the court date I was shocked to find out we weren’t going to court and the best they would offer me was four days at Christmas with my daughter, take it or leave it. My daughter’s father grabbed me by the arm and said I should not think I was safe because he knew where my mother and sister lived. I was then afraid for the lives of my family. They were also holding my daughter there and said I could see her if I signed paperwork drawn up by their attorney. I would have taken my right eye out to hold her for even a second. I signed the paper. The paper granted me four days to spend with my daughter at that time and in order to do so I must pay child support. I did not read what I signing at the time because I was in such an emotional state. I was too desperate, too intimidated, and scared to understand the legal ramifications of the handwritten document (drawn up by their attorney) I scribbled on. I was too afraid for my family’s lives to keep fighting him so I continued to lay low hoping one day I could go back and get my daughter.

I had a son when I was living in California, but shortly after becoming pregnant the realtionship with his father became violent. His father screwed windows and doors shut on the house locking me and our son in like prisoners. He crawled on top of the house and disconnected the phone line each day when he left for work and reconnected it each day when he returned. I endured physical and emotional abuse for three years before leaving. I left when he went to the desert for an offroading trip with his friends. I fled my mother’s home in Nebraska. I quickly filed for custody there in NE. However, his attorney convinced a judge that I was a flight risk even though I had filed for custody in my county. Two detectives came and flew my 9 month old back to California like a piece of luggage. My church raised enough money to fly me back to California to fight for custody.

False affidavits from the previous case with my daughter were used in  this court case yrs later. The mediator’s report and psych eval. reports stated that I didnt “act” like a typical abused victim because i didnt ask for a seperate mediation. The Psych eval said they could not determine if I was telling the truth about the abuse. The judge in the case said he had nothing to go on except accusations from both sides and damaging affidavits from my previous custody case regarding my daughter. The judge stated that the affidavits were so damaging that he had no choice but award custody to the father. I received no visitation, a restraining order was taken out on me for 3yrs. During these years my daughter witnessed and was victim to the birth father’s violent nature. He beat his mother, almost stabbed my daughter, hit a friend in the head with a claw hammer, smashed a ‘2 by 4’ into his brother’s head, robbed a bank, shot a friend in the leg, and finally died at the hands of law enforcement after firing shots at an officer with the officer’s own gun. When he was shot it was all over the news and that’s how I found out. I was down there the very next day attempting to get my daughter back now that her father was deceased and I no longer felt afraid. The police said I needed to hire another attorney. I hired yet another attorney but my case was thrown out of court before it could be heard based on a technicality. I was then facing jail for almost $20,000 in back child support owed to the father who is now deceased.

The birth father mother and father got custody without my knowledge when the birth father signed custody to his parents who filed as Interveners. At this time, I was left to fight the paternal grandmother for custody. The paternal grandfather was deceased at this time. Two different attorneys told me there was not a good chance for me to win custody because of NC state laws regarding custody due to the fact I had not been in her life. Even though I was a college graduate with other children at home, the paternal grandmother (who lived alone without driver’s license) had a better chance. I was also told by these attorneys that I would most likely face jail for nonpayment of child support. The paternal grandmother was an alcoholic and according to court records, her own daughter took her to court to remove my daughter from her home as a second Intervener. The order states the paternal grandmother drank alcohol and used drugs in the presence of the child. I was never made aware that any of this was going on either. I was always threatened with jail for child support if I tried to contact my daughter. However, we were finally reunited 13 long years after she was taken.
This past March 2011, Stanly County Department of Social Services handed my daughter to me after allegations of child molestation by the custodial aunt’s boyfriend.

So now I’ve had my daughter living with me for the past nine months. She is happy, healthy, and thriving. The aunt is seeking court ordered child support from me now months after the child was removed from her home.

I have tried to contact my son to no avail. I was told by my son’s stepmom that they told him about me when he was 7yrs old but they also told him that I am too “sick” to be his mother.
I have never been too “sick” to care for any of my children! I have never even been “sick” of any sort! I have never had a substance abuse problem, or addiction of any kind. I have no mental health issues or history of abusive behavior. I have never been diagnosed with any disease. I have raised other children who r thriving, happy, healthy, and stable.
I am a college grad. Top of my class 4.0 GPA Outstanding Graduate Award. I was inducted into honor societies, National Dean’s List, Who’s Who. I was elected student body president in college. I served on the Board of Trustees for the college. I am working to make a difference in this world.
I am a fit and proper parent! I love my children, they r all i live for! Tylor, I will find u one day! I love u and I never left u!

My daughter and I feel our inalienable rights to a viable relationship with one another was violated by child custody laws for 13 long years. We cannot get 13 years back! We need to change laws and reform the child custody practices.

mothertoanother@gmail.com birthrights4equality@yahoo.com


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